16 June, 2017

Opos lesson-2

OPOS lesson-2
First standardise ur 2L cooker thru lesson1 and then move on to lesson2

For OPOS lesson1
Click on the below link  LESSON 1

Lesson 2:
In a 2L cooker,
add 1tsp oil (pic is not included)
2 tbsp water
2C finely chopped beans mixed with 1/2 tsp salt,
Cook on high for 4 whistles(if beans is not mixed with salt then 2whistles are enough).
Release pressure manually / keep cooker in slow running water!
Open immediately to see a greener crunchy cooked beans
Mix in 1 tsp of tadka(tempering) + 1tblsp  of shredded coconut!! That's it!! πŸ‘

Note: cut veggies prehand /a day before , mix in salt & refrigerate πŸ‘

14 June, 2017

Opos(one pot One shot) lesson 1

    Happen to come across opos thru YouTube while searching for a recipe...watching those videos for the first tym I thought it's so childish when the recipe says it needs only 2-5minutes to cook and didn't believe this method but I Jus wanna give it a try coz its tym effective.. So i standardise my cooker and tried a recipe which is "wow" can't believe I did it in such a short tym and then I have been slowly started cooking thru opos methodπŸ‘
All thnx to the founder Rama Krishnan sir!!πŸ™

Making these opos blog post Jus for reference!!

Opos intro & lesson 1: standardise 

OPOS is the cleanest, greenest, healthiest, tastiest and fastest way to cook just about anything. OPOS works for anyone, anywhere, anytime!

Equipment needed :
A 2L cooker (any reputed brand, any material),  An induction/ gas stove, a blender,
Measuring cups and spoons,
kitchen scale,
knife, peeler & grater.
This is all the equipment you need for all OPOS recipes.

OPOS replaces manual skill with the right equipment and the right recipe. You either need skill to make recipes work with the equipment you have or you have use the right equipment. Change anything at your risk.

Before you start :
1. OPOS is not a fancy word for pressure cooking. It is a set of validated scientific techniques designed to bring the best out of food. It is a lot more than ' Dump all in a cooker' style of cooking!
2. Do not change recipes or try scaling up/ down till you understand the basic techniques.
3. Some recipes are downright dangerous - like ghee & sugar syrup. Do not attempt them till you master the basic techniques. Cook safe !

All good? Let's start !

Lesson 1:
Heat 1/4C (60ml) water in your 2L cooker on high
so that you get the first whistle between 1 and 2 minutes.
If your timing is less than 1 minute, decrease heat.
If it is over 2 minutes, increase heat. (Electric/ ceramic/ glass top stoves are sluggish. They need to be preheated for 5 to 10 minutes before you place the cooker).

My 2L pressure cooker whistled at 1:55.66 secπŸ‘