23 November, 2017

OPOS Bottled Tadka

OPOS Bottled Tadka
 Before moving on to the recipe plz go thru OPOS Intro page(link is given below)


1) Don't blindly follow the recipe! 

2) Plz Be careful as you are handling oil and pressure cooker for this!

 3) plz stay near by  till you get desired whistles / smell , switch off and move on!

Coming to the recipe...

      Its a complete tym savior and keeps ur kitchen sticky free👌! it can be prepared in 3 minutes or less!

Ingredients and method:

In a 2L pressure Cooker, add the following...
1 cup oil(any variant...here I've used gingerly oil)
1/2 cup urad dhall
1/2 cup channa dhall (I skipped it for my recipe)
1/4 cup mustard seeds
1/2 cup dry red chillies(any variant)
1 Tblsp Asafoetida
1 cup curry leaves 

Place cooker with whistle on high heat, Set the timer for 5 minutes.....
now you have to sharpen your hearing and smell abilities😅!!...2 steps backwards from cooker...wait till you hear the mustard spluttering sound and within spluttering sound stops(for me spluttering starts by 3:00 min and ends by 3:20)...its where you have to switch off the flame and slowly release pressure to avoid steam built-up!... now if you wish can keep on flame for more 1 minute! 

Cool & Store in an Air tight container at room temperature!

For video recipe click on the you-tube Link / view it here in the window below